Top 30: April 6, 2015

= Canadian Artist
= Torontonian Artist
# Artist Album Label
Viet Cong Viet Cong Flemish Eye
The Golden Dogs 3 1/2 Self-Released
Twin River Should the light go out Light Organ
Samantha Savage Smith Fine Lines Pipe & Hat
Sun K Northern Lies MapleMusic
The Unbelievable Bargains Boiled Egg Self-Released
Plastic Handgun Involuntary Memories Self-Released
Purity Ring Another Eternity Last Gang
Joel Plaskett The Park Avenue Sobriety Test Pheromone Records
Young Guv Ripe 4 Luv Slumberland
Gabrielle Papillon Gabrielle Papillon Self-Released
Freak Heat Waves Bonnie's State of Mind Hockey Dad
Dan Mangan + Blacksmith Club Mes Arts & Crafts
Hayden Hey Lovw Arts & Crafts
Swank Keep It Together Tonic
Milk & Bone Little Mourning Bonsound
The High Dials In the A.M. Wilds Self-Released
Jessy Bell Smith The Town Self-Released
Humans Noontide Hybridity Music
Subtle Lip Can Reflective Drime Drip Audio
Anamai Sallows Buzz Records
Cancer Bats Searching For Zero Metal Blade
Programm Like the Sun EP Self-Released
Will Butler Policy Merge
Towanda Black Sheep EP Self-Released
Tobias Jesso Jr. Goon Arts & Crafts
The Thrashers Robot Invaders From the Death Galax Transistor 66
Sunrise and the Good People Closer to the Flame Westing
Sun Belt Cabalcor Self-Released
The Amazing Picture you Partisan