Top 30: August 25, 2015

= Canadian Artist
= Torontonian Artist
# Artist Album Label
Tough Age I Get the Feeling Central Mint
Renny Wilson Punk Explosion/Extension Mint
Yukon Blonde On Blonde Dine Alone
Winona Wilde You Loose Some, You Loose Some Self-Released
Fountain Fountain II Self-Released
Fake Tears Nightshifting Mint
Teen Daze Morning World Paper Bag
Ken Mode Success New Damage
Fist City Everything is a Mess Transgressive
Joyfultalk MUUIXX Drip Audio
The Key Frames The Key Frames Self-Released
Seoul I Become a Shade Last Gang
Ora Cogan Crystalize Hidden City Records
Buffy Sainte-Marie Power in the Blood Gypsy Boy
Leon Bridges Coming Home Columbia
White Reaper White Reaper Does It Again Royal Mountain
Ventanas Arrelumbre Fedora upside Down
Nap Eyes Whine of the Mystic You've Changed
Will Currie and the Country French They Killed Us FU:M
Twin Bandit For You Nettwerk
The Split Cant Get Enough Label
Rain Over St. Ambrose Still Waking Up Acadian Embassy
Jake Vance White Elephant Self-Released
The Acorn Vieux Loup Paper Bag
Rachel Sermanni Tied tot he moon Rough Trade
Pinner #2 Demo Self-Released
Beat Cops Mean Streets Indica Records
Old Man Luedecke Domestic Eccentric True North
Pat LePoidevin Family Ep Self-Released
Ostrea Lake Rippling Waters EP All We've Got