Top 30: March 9, 2015

= Canadian Artist
= Torontonian Artist
# Artist Album Label
Viet Cong Viet Cong Flemish Eye
Samantha Savage Smith Fine Lines Pipe & Hat
The high Dials In the A.M. Wilds Self-Released
Plastic Handgun Involuntary Memories Self-Released
The Unbelievable Bargains Boiled Egg Self-Released
Jessy Bell Smith The Town Self-Released
The Golden Dogs 3 1/2 Self-Released
Subtle Lip Can Reflective Drime Drip Audio
Nancy Pants Total Self-Released
Lisa Leblanc Highways, Heartaches and Time Well Wasted Bonsound
D'Angelo and the Vangaurd D'Angelo and the Vangaurd RCA
The Alpacas The Alpacas Self-Released
Dan Mangan + Blacksmith Club Meds Arts & Crafts
Slim Twig Hound at the Helm Paper Bag
Lint We Surrender! Self-Released
Ivory Towers Endlings Self-Released
Kevin Hearn Days In Frames Celery
The Dodos Individ Dine Alone
Mikkayla Corbeil Folk you Self-Released
Humans Noontide Hybridity Music
Bart Bart by Bart Idee Fixe
Street Pharmacy Pharmanoics Handsmoe Boy
Julien Sago Valse 333 Simone
Olde I Hypaethral
Lenny Solomon The Blues Violin Self-Released
John Michael lind Out on the Land Self-Released
Dark Orchard Blossom Self-Released
Del Bel Del Bel Missed Connection
Freak Heat Waves Bonnie's State of Mind Hockey Dad
Casper Hollands Puzzle of Dreams Self-Released