Top 30: November 11, 2019

= Canadian Artist
= Torontonian Artist
# Artist Album Label
DUMB Club Nites (Mint)
JORDAN RAKEI Origin (Ninja Tune)
MEN I TRUST^ Oncle Jazz (Self-Released)
YOHUNA Mirroring (Orchid Tapes)
CATE LE BON Reward (Mexican Summer)
OBUXUM^ Re-Birth (Urbnet)
POTTERY No. 1 (Royal Mountain)
INJURY RESERVE Injury Reserve (Self-Released)
DENZEL CURRY Zuu (Loma Vista)
VANDEN DOOL Vanden Dool (Self-Released)
MORMOR^ MORMOR^ (Don't Guess)
JENN GRANT Love, Inevitable (Leovela)
CHRIS HAUER Hum (Self-Released)
SAUNA EP (idée fixe records)
OGINALII Cause & Affection (Self-Released)
PEACH PYRAMID Bright Blue (Oscar Street)
COMMON HOLLY When I Say to You Black Lightning (Solitaire)
ADA LEA what we say in private (Next Door / Saddle Creek)
DON VAIL Stand of Tide (Self-Released)
SKYE WALLACE Skye Wallace (Self-Released)
HOLLERADO^ Retaliation Vacation (Royal Mountain)
DOOMSQUAD^ Let Yourself Be Seen (Royal Mountain)
MAC DEMARCO Transistor Sister 2 (You've Changed)
BEGONIA Fear (Rex Baby)
THE JINS Death Wish (Self-Released)
LEEM OF EARTH Chapter 3 (Velvet Blue)
JAMES SUPERCAVE Alarm Will Sound (Self-Released)
NEARLY ORATORIO A Comforting Fact (Solitaire)