Electric Island Victoria Day 2017 Preview

19 May 2017 / by Karen Young
Featured Image for Electric Island Victoria Day 2017 Preview courtesy of   | CJRU

Victoria Day marks the first of this year’s Electric Island concert series. The event combines two of the best parts of summer: electronic concerts and picnics. This summer is the series’ fifth year, which typically takes place on stages across the Toronto Islands. However, due to the flooding around island, this month’s opening concert was relocated to Woodbine Park. Here’s a preview of some acts you should check out this Victoria Day!

Andrew Choe

One of the first to step up to the plate for Electric Island’s fifth annual concert and picnic series is Toronto’s very own, DJ/producer Andrew Choe. Evidenced through his past live sets, there is no doubt Choe will be able to get the crowd pumped up with exciting pulses and smooth transitions. His original mix “Culture Clash” maintains a hypnotizing 120 bpm that organically progresses into a stylish bassline. As the Co-founder of My Side Project, Choe has not only built a local following but is proactively committed to the value of community-based artistry. Toronto’s vibrant techno and deep house scene will be happy to support one of their own in christening 2017’s music festival season.

Alberto Jossue

The “Summer Soul Mixtape” presented by Godzilla Disco is DJ Alberto Jossue’s gratuitous way of preparing all the disco-house and chill-step lovers for the funky dance party that will transpire by Stage 2 at Electric Island this Victoria Day. Seen on the labels Magician on Duty, L’Enfant Terrible, and For the People, Jossue has become a familiar name in Toronto’s electronic music scene. Born in Peru, he is a perfect supplier of Toronto’s demand for diverse sounds and artistic representations of its multi-culturalismCheck out his latest mixes on his SoundCloud.

Night Vision

Night Vision is an electronic music group who happen to be veterans of Electric Island. If you attended Electric Island’s weekend finale last year, you may remember this Toronto-based duo. Pavel Gorin and TJ Train formed this group in 2012 and have been active members of the electronic music scene, frequently performing across the city. They’ve had residences at CODA and performed in other venues such as Parlour, RED Nightclub and more. They also produce a mix series called Can’t Sleep. If you’re a fan of deep house music or you’re just having a bit of trouble sleeping, check out this series!

 The duo will be performing on Stage 1. 


Check out Night Vision’s set for Electric Island in 2013.




Another Toronto-based DJ and Electric Island veteran you should check out is Gera. His mixes combine calming melodies with catchy beats, making it relaxing, but also dance-worthy. Gera is an active member of Electronic music here in Toronto, frequently performing at various venues here in this city. Last year he played with German artist, Lawrence (a.k.a. Peter M. Kersten)  at Cabal.

Gera was also at Electric Island in 2014 and will be performing on Stage 2 next week.




Electric Island’s line up has a few visiting DJs from around the world, one of them being Rebolledo, from Xalapa, Mexico. He has been DJing since 2002, playing sets at venues around the world. He was the “Experience Designer,” for several projects like Pachanga Boys, Mayan Warrior and TOPAZdeluxe. His mixes have a psychedelic feel and an overall smooth flow to them.

It’s Rebolledo’s first time visiting Toronto, come see him LIVE on Stage 2!


If you’re interested in hearing Rebolledo’s work, check out his recent set at The Lot Radio in Brooklyn.

Upcoming concert dates for this concert series are July 1, August 7, and September 3 and 4.