Music Library Updates

19 August 2020 / by Alex Ramsay
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While Covid-19 has put our regular lives on hold on for the time being, CJRU has still been busy adding new music to our library. Take a look below at some of the most recent additions to our music library! 


Orville Peck – Show Pony

With this latest EP, the enigmatic Toronto musician brightens up his sound somewhat in comparison to the downtrodden perspective represent on last year’s Pony. While Peck still merges quirky post-punk with sweeping country ballads – including a collaboration with Shania Twain – there is a refreshing sense of fun and freedom to Show Pony. With the dreamy churn of ‘Summertime’ and the shocking intimacy of project closer ‘Fancy’, Show Pony is a solid addition to Peck’s short discography and a reminder why he is one of Toronto’s most exciting musicians right now.


Protomartyr – Ultimate Success Today

The art punk of the Detroit-based Protomartyr isn’t so much reinvented on their fifth album as much as it’s honed into a near-perfect document of their particular brand of noisy punk. Ultimate Success Today couldn’t have summarized 2020 more succinctly, being filled with feelings of disillusionment, anger and disappointment. While that may not sound like a pleasant listen, Ultimate Success Today is most certainly an important one.

Dizzy – The Sun and Her Scorch


Royal Mountain Records-signees Dizzy return with their second full-length of gentle dream-pop. With sweeping synths and the warbly lilt of vocalist Katie Munshaw, The Sun and Her Scorch feels like a finely tuned and well-crafted end of summer soundtrack. Even as the tender synthpop style has become so ubiquitous in indie rock, the Oshawa-based quartette have their own identity that shines throughout the album.

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