Track of the Week: FRANKIIE – Dream Reader

21 January 2020 / by Graeme Thomson
Featured Image for Track of the Week: FRANKIIE - Dream Reader courtesy of   | CJRU

I host CJRU 30 every week, so I hear A LOT of amazing music. So much so that I can’t fit all of it in my show! That’s why from now on, each week I’ll show you one extra song from the Top 30 Charts that you HAVE TO HEAR!


You’re trapped in Limbo from Christopher Nolan’s Inception, when a backbeat and 80’s-style-synths start playing behind you, forcing you to confront your reality. That’s where Vancouver-based quartet, FRANKIIE, take listeners on the track, “Dream Reader”.


The song is as dreamy as the track name suggests. The lyrics tell the story of someone lost in her sleep moving lucidly from dream to dream. As the figure tries to understand her reality, she pleads for a Dream Reader to decipher her dreams and rescue her. “Dream Reader” speaks to the anxiety of trying to navigate your path in life whilst blindfolded.


The introspective lyrics are matched by soothing, angel-like harmonies and synths. Normally I’d be worried about an over-indulgence of soft sounds but not in this case. The dreamy lyrics and airy sounds are balanced by the psychedelic twang of the electric guitar. “Dream Reader” is introspective without coming off as egotistic.


You can follow FRANKIIE here.