Track of the Week: Nutrients – So Long

26 February 2020 / by Graeme Thomson
Featured Image for Track of the Week: Nutrients - So Long courtesy of   | CJRU

Canada’s favourite discussion topic is the weather, right? That’s why no one, including myself, can shut up about the weekend we just had in Toronto. It’s not often that we get a February weekend with sunny skies instead of the bone-chilling cold, so naturally, everyone is anticipating spring.


This Track of the Week is the perfect song to welcome the warmer weather. The opening chords of “So Long” are refreshing, like opening the window to crisp morning air. The bright, jangly guitar wakes the senses but doesn’t overshadow the softly-sung vocals, which are tender, and even fragile at certain moments. The fragility extends into the lyrics, as Nutrients sing about the butterfly moments before confessing your love to someone.


It’s stoner, slacker music with an intimate twist. It makes me feel like laying on the grass and staring up at the clouds. Not a bad plan for the first days of spring.


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