Fringe 2017: 32 Short Sketches About Bees

6 July 2017 / by Zahraa Hmood
Featured Image for Fringe 2017: 32 Short Sketches About Bees courtesy of Fringe 2017  | CJRU

Toronto Fringe Festival show 32 Short Sketches About Bees is premiering tonight at 10:30 p.m. at Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse. 

32 Short Sketches About Bees is exactly what it sounds like. This sketch comedy troupe has challenged themselves to put together 32 sketches in under one hour, all revolving around the theme of bees. Whether it be of the buzzing variety, the second letter of the alphabet, or legendary American actress Bea Arthur, this team has got it covered. Directed by Paul Bates from Second City, “Bees” features a cast jam-packed with Toronto sketch extraordinaires: Jessica Greco, Shannon Lahaie, Chris Leveille (who all previously took the Fringe stage in 2015 as sketch group Dame Judy Dench) and Cameron Wyllie (O Dat Dum), Andrew Bushell (Second City), and Leigh Cameron (also of Second City).

Zahraa Hmood sat down to chat with four of the team members – Leveille, Wyllie, Greco and Bushell – about their upcoming performance at the Toronto Fringe Festival this year. They discussed what it has been like to work together, some of their inspirations in comedy, and gave us a sneak preview of what’s to come with one of their 32 short sketches, performed by Bushell and Greco (warning for mild sexual content).”