The Femme Project: Interview with Toni Latour

9 July 2014 / by Sara Cristiano
Featured Image for The Femme Project: Interview with Toni Latour courtesy of  | CJRU

Scope reporter Sara Cristiano speaks to Toni Latour, the Vancouver-based artist behind The Femme Project. From the artist’s website: “The Femme Project is made up of 70 photographs (64 present on-line) accompanied by wall-mounted text and sound recordings derived from interviews with the participants.  The work documents Vancouver’s self-identified queer femme community, focusing specifically on femme identity, representation and politics.” –




” It started because I was feeling invisible…I felt angry about that. I felt as though I was invisible, both within the queer community and also within heteronormative communities, and I wondered if other femmes were having the same experiences.” 




Also, be sure to check out the fantastic speaking soundtrack of femme voices from the project’s website.