Advocates, city councillors voice opposition against Bill 39’s strong mayor system

28 November 2022 / by Daniel Centeno

As city councillors return to city hall for the first time this term, democracy advocates fill city council gallery to oppose Bill 39. 

During the meeting, the Ontario government’s controversial bill was heavily criticized and opposed in city council by councillors and the advocate groups. 

Advocate groups including Progress Toronto and TTCriders filled the public gallery and applauded as some councillors presented the petitions. 

Councillors, including Toronto Centre’s Chris Moise, presented petitions that are asking to uphold the majority vote for bills to be passed, rather accept the proposed strong mayor system. 

Bill 39 is also called the Better Municipal Governance Act, and it would give Toronto Mayor John Tory more powers to overrule and veto certain votes, or pass bills with only one third of the council’s support. 

The bill would create a strong mayor system for Tory and other major Canadian cities. 

Councillors then voted to not keep Bill 39 as part of the rest of the meeting in a 13-12 vote. 

More updates on Bill 39 as council meetings progress this term. 

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