TMU asks for communtiy input on new sports team name and mascot

7 June 2022 / by Daniel Centeno
People in white basketball jerseys in a close huddle on a team bench.

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) is inviting community members for its input on a new sport team name, mascot and mascot name this month.

Participants, including students, staff and other members of the campus community, have been sent online surveys through email.

Re-engaging the community following the school’s name change from Ryerson to TMU follows the March announcement from  provost and co-chair of the Standing Strong Taskforce Jennifer Simpson said that the school’s colours of gold and royal blue will remain unchanged.

Currently, the sports teams are called the Rams with a mascot named Eggy.

Eggy is named after the school’s previous namesake, Egerton Ryerson – his role in the introduction of Canada’s residential schools was one of the driving forces behind the recent name change.

In a recent press release, the university writes that a shortlist will be published in mid-June as part of a second phase of community consultation.

Once the mascot and team name committee identify parameters for the suggestions, the shortlist will be shared to the public. Then, community members are encouraged to share feedback on it.

Following a cultural and legal check, according to the university, a recommendation of the new team name and mascot choice will be sent to the office of president and vice co-chair Mohamed Lachemi.

In addition to the online survey, community members can email the committee and share their thoughts on social media with the hashtag, #TorontoMetMascot.

The mascot change is part of the Standing Strong Task Force’s 22 recommendations that were accepted by the university on Aug. 26, 2021.

Eggy has been the university mascot since 1961 when the school’s name was Ryerson Institute of Technology, the second of five names the school has donned in its 74-year history.

According to a timeline of Eggy by the school’s independent newspaper The Eyeopener, a real-life ram was chosen as a unifying symbol for the school’s hockey team initially. Also, a ram was chosen to represent the university because it was Egerton Ryerson’s zodiac sign.

Contrary to previous rumours circulating online through tweets and third party accounts, the university has not chosen Emu as an official mascot for the school.

Professor Simpson and the office of president Lachemi were contacted to comment on changing the Ram name. The Standing Strong Taskforce were also contacted about what parameters they are establishing for the shortlist, as well as whether Rams may be retained as the sports team name.   CJRU is awaiting a response.

More details to come.

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