Vital Signs by Jess Goldson

1 April 2022 / by Jess Goldson

The title of this news series is “Vital Signs: Opioid-Related Harm Reduction in Toronto.” Pain was named the fifth vital sign by a Purdue Pharma shell company in order to persuade doctors to prescribe its drug, OxyContin, to moderate pain sufferers. This has contributed largely to the opioid crisis which currently plagues individuals and their loved ones throughout Toronto. Over 2,400 Ontarians died from opioid-related causes in 2020. This news series aims to educate listeners on the current state of the opioid epidemic. Listen below:

Opioid harm reduction in Toronto takes many forms at its best, according to advocates

Toronto harm reduction advocates call for more frontline worker supports, drug regulation

Take-home opioid agonist treatments proven highly effective during COVID-19: study