ALPHA Singles Review – Charlotte Day Wilson

6 July 2021 / by Olivia Piccolo
ALPHA Singles Review – Charlotte Day Wilson

Unique, fresh, spine-chilling talent. Set for July 9, 2021, Charlotte Day Wilson’s 11 song album ALPHA will be released on her label, Stone Woman Music. To follow up her 2018 album, Stone Woman, Wilson gives listeners a taste of her new, innovative album through four pre-released tracks, covering R&B and soul genres. The new tracks, “Mountains,” “Take Care of You (feat.Syd)”, and listener favourites “If I Could” and “Keep Moving” tease fans in expectation of her full album. 


In her opening single “If I Could,” Wilson collaborates with close friend and songwriter, Merna Bishouty to deliver the message of being saved from one’s demons. She highlights the concept of being someone’s emotional support, as spoken about in an interview with DustyOrgan. Using lyrics like “I’d save you” and “Rid you of the burdens, and you’d be free once more,” her desired theme is clear. The song begins with just Wilson’s voice, later accompanied by guitar. Her background music is consistently lo-fi throughout the song, and Wilson builds musical tension during the bridges of the track by only adding a few instruments sounding in the background. During the chorus, this tension is released by increasing instrumentals, as well as an overlaying choir and a bass beat.


Similarly on the track “Mountains,” Wilson uses a choir overlay consistently throughout the song, giving it a gospel-like melody. Separate from her other pre-released tracks, Wilson showcases her wide vocal range, hitting her highest notes towards the end of the track. This four minute masterpiece will elevate Wilson’s album to a new level. Her choice in using background vocals from artist Daniel Caesar, and clap percussion, allows her soulful track to feel timeless and cohesive with the style of the other pre- released songs. Through lyrics that imply her longing for attention from a lover or friend, she uses powerful words to draw in listeners to her song. “So how could you turn into the demons you once said that you’d keep away” and “I’m nothing, I’m choking without you” are two of many of the vulnerable and impactful lines that arouse feelings of painful comfort, yet spark curiosity as to her inspiration of the song. With every listen, the lyrics of “Mountains” become more impactful. Charlotte Day Wilson’s creative choice in instrumentals, her chilling voice, and passionate singing all live up to the title of her album: ALPHA. 


These tracks, as well as the others that have been pre-released, have set a high standard for the quality of the rest of the upcoming album. Truly, ALPHA is set to be top tier for an artist of an R&B-forward style – Wilson’s album so far is an excellent reflection of her growing potential. It is understandable to see why fans are ecstatic over the full album release, in hopes that the rest of her tracks will be on par with the high quality of those already shared. Mark it on your calendars, July 9th!



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