Doohickey Cubicle – Don’t Fix Anything ;)

18 March 2021 / by Olive East
Album reviews
Doohickey Cubicle Don’t Fix Anything ;)
Released: March 12, 2021
Label: Independent
Alternative / Indie Pop
Beach House / Mac Demarco
Airbag, Sign Here

On March 12th, Vancouver’s indie pop duo, Doohickey Cubicle, released their debut album, Don’t Fix Anything 😉. The pair consists of Alli Deleo and Francis Hooper, who have put together a nine track record. The album captures sleepy synth, relaxed beats, and playful bass lines creating an easy listening experience that still remains musically adventurous. Comparable to the likes of Mac DeMarco and Beach House, Doohickey Cubicle brings a hypnotic and leisurely sound that flows through the whole record, but still remains interesting to listen to.

The opening track, ‘Sign Here‘, sets the tone with soft falling sequences on synth and layered vocals, filling the track with soft harmonies, despite the quirky opening line, “Devin said he got a new Dyson.” One notable feature is the short sax solos, but it is the funky drum patterns that carry the song into a groove. The dreamy soundscape established in this first track weaves its way through the record, creating Doohickey Cubicle’s own uniquely identifiable sound.

~Interlude~‘ takes the album into almost a soft, poolside jazz style, as the track leads with a fun bass line in the beginning. With sustained chords in the background, the track flows from sax lines to riffs on keys, which keep the song moving, even without vocals. Featuring clips of an adult and child laughing, this track captures warmth and summertime. Additionally, this song proves the duo’s ability to experiment further than the classic indie pop formula common to this style.

In contrast, the track ‘Airbag‘ expresses Doohickey Cubicle’s unique creative flair. The song begins with an intriguing synth sound almost reminiscent of sonar pings or a whale call, proving Doohickey Cubicle’s ability to bring originality to even the softest tracks. Despite this, the lyrics tell a more melancholic story, with the line, “I was already caring about what everyone else thinks,” as well as containing the album title, repeating the line “I don’t fix anything.” Whilst the lyrics in most of the record’s songs are not the focus, they blend seamlessly into the music, which is why the Don’t Fix Anything 😉 has such a smooth sound.

All in all, Don’t Fix Anything 😉 is a relaxing, hazy blend of sound, perfect for easy summer listening. While some could argue that the songs are too similar, Doohickey Cubicle creates a signature sound through this album. It is successful in showing their strengths and easy to see tracks from this album becoming staples in indie pop playlists. Whilst the record isn’t groundbreaking, it’s not one to skip.