21 January 2021 / by Sonia Bermas
dvsn - Amusing Her Feelings album Cover
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dvsn Amusing Her Feelings
Released: January 15, 2021
Label: OVO Sound
He Said, Use Somebody, Keep It Going, Between Us, Muse

Signed to OVO Sound, the underrated R&B duo, dvsn, made up of Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 just dropped Amusing Her Feelings – the deluxe version of their 2020 release A muse in Her FeelingsA muse in Her Feelings featured collaborations with PARTYNEXTDOORJessie ReyezFutureSummer WalkerSnoh Aalegra and more. And now the duo is back with even more collaborations, including Miguel and a cover of ‘Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.

Known for their nostalgic, erotic slow-jams, dvsn is arguably one of the best duos from Toronto. Their versatility and their ability to embrace new sounds make them a breath of fresh air.

The album begins with the Miguel collab, ‘He said’ where Daley sings about going back to someone you love and being addicted to the feelings they bring “We’re so addicted to love that we get revisitin’/Fuck me like you wanna make love/Call me when you wanna stay in touch”. They’re unable to stay away and instead crave more.

Keep It Going takes a different tone from dvsn’s usual work. With a fast tempo and rapid kicks, this track plays like a club remix that never stops moving while ‘Between Us’, a collab with Snoh Aalegra slows it down and includes a sample from Usher‘s ‘Nice and Slow’. In this track, Daley vocalizes the struggle of being vulnerable in a relationship, stripping down the layers and showing your true self. With the lyrics, “I don’t want nothing in between us/Nothing there to stop the feeling” he sings about crossing a threshold where you become exposed and not wanting that truth to ruin the relationship.

One record that fell flat is ‘Blessings‘, although the beginning showed promise the lyrics are repetitive and simply aren’t moving. With the lyrics, “Neighbors hear you screamin’, screamin’, screamin’/They gon’ be believers, ‘lievers, ‘lievers” it lacks the depth that the duo is capable of.

Arguably the best song on the album is ‘A Muse’. The grooving bass with the mellow piano creates a sensual environment that’s almost alluring. With the lyrics “I want your body in a million ways/Nobody ever makes me feel the same” and “I’m about to lose control/’Cause you’re my muse”, this song begs for repeat listens.

Although this may not have been their best work, dvsn continues to incorporate ‘90s R&B to deliver a romantic narrative which their fans love. Using their evocative lyrics to portray lust, devotion, passion and heartbreak, Amusing Her Feelings will get you in your feelings and make you want to fall in love again. This album is for the hopeless romantics in the world.