Foals – Life is Yours

20 July 2022 / by Emma Raghubir
The three members of Foals are wearing black and white, standing in front of a brown wall
Album reviews
Foals Life is Yours
Released: June 17, 2022
Label: Warner/ADA
Indie Pop / Indie Rock
Florence + The Machine / The Blossoms
Under The Radar, Wild Green

Foals’ new album, Life is Yours, carries some light and groovy tracks to enjoy this upcoming summer with. This indie rock band strays from their normal sound in an attempt to establish newer and fresher sounds and create a soundscape, somewhat succeeding.

The genre in these tracks seems to keep within the funk and indie rock range, which has produced some really entertaining dance party music. Whether you are dancing alone in your room or in the midst of a dance floor at a party, you are sure to have a good time with this album. The music encourages us to let loose and enjoy life, ultimately claiming life as our own, as explored by the album in tracks such as “2am”, “Life is Yours”, and “Flutter”.

To start off,  the album winds into a sharp and punchy synth, hitting us with a heavy high hat, snare, and funky bass line; it lets us know immediately the amusement and playfulness that Foals has to offer. The lyrics can lift you out of your seat, invigorating you to dance, with hooks fit to yell, such as “life is yours, break away” and “wake me up”.

Playing with different tones of funk and soul sounds throughout the entirety of the album makes for some bright tracks. The album starts to slow down and introduce new sounds with track 6, “Flutter”, which is a bit more indie-rock. This change in tone carries into the next tracks–a more experimental tone playing with varying synth patterns, best heard in the 36 second funk instrumental track titled “summer sky”. The closing track of the album,”Wild Green”, acts as a slow beat at the end of a generally upbeat album. It left me sad to end the album, but excited to see what the Foals have to offer next. 

Overall, this album is full of great vibes, but I found it can get quite monotonous as one listens further. However, Foals did a great job at expanding their creative abilities and have definitely created a soundscape in their discography. They have slightly darker tones in their earlier eras, as seen in their ‘Holy Fire’ album, and now seem to be bridging into lighthearted bops. And it definitely emerged at the perfect time with summer just getting started. It’s definitely an album worth making great memories to!