Lil Skies – Unbothered

12 February 2021 / by Isabelle dos Santos
Lil-Skies-Unbothered album cover
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Lil Skies Unbothered
Released: January 22, 2021
Label: Atlantic Records
Hip-Hop / Melodic Trap / Trap
Gunna / Lil Peep
Riot, Havin my way, Sky High, Think Deep Don’t Sink, Red Wine & Jodeci, Locked Up

Lil Skies created Unbothered from a series of fiery freestyles, but each song on the album feels precise and organized. It’s lyrically characterized by suffering and redemption while lingering with perseverance and rebirth. He may pretend to be Unbothered, but on a brave and robust new album, we can see the influence of the covid-19 pandemic. That said, Lil skies stays true to his uncanny personality and overall rap style.

 The song ‘Think Deep Don’t Sink’ is the longest track on the album running for 4 minutes. The words “Think Deep Don’t Sink”  is a metaphor to Lil Skies, meaning optimism and positivity. In the chorus, he acknowledges that he doesn’t bother himself with what people presume “Ni**as be hatin’, I don’t care what a fuck ni**a really think/I’m gettin’ this money, ni**as know I get it every time I blink/I’m stuntin’, it’s nothin’, deep think, but I promise that I never sink.” The song creates a vivid and striking listening experience by captivating listeners with the fairytale-like xylophones used as the lead instrument through the song’s chorus, deep bass, and the high hitting snare used in all his songs to fit seamlessly into the melody.

On the other hand, ‘Riot’ channels lust instead of love and changing when getting rich. This song comes closer to the rest of the album as it touches more on ostentation with its snares, deep 808’s and compelling melodies. Skies’ gritty raps on this track convey his message in the most lyrically straightforward way possible, “I gave her lust, she wanted love, I told her, “Oh, well”/When I was broke, I busted traps straight off my next hell/What you gon’ do when you make it?/’Lot of people change when it comes to bein’ famous”.

Finalizing the album on a romantic yet sorrowful note, ‘Sky High‘ also talks about the emotions that come with pursuing a girl who’s perfect for him. Here is the most progressive view of Lil Skies. He not only hits with contagious melodies but also brings some romantic lines “I don’t wanna lose you, you were right/I sacrificed my time, now you’re all on my line/What if I lost you? I would die.” And on that premise, the riveting, hard-hitting instrumental is the song’s cherry on top. With the album’s depressing and opulent messaging ‘Sky High’ makes for a stand out song pouring out its sentimental value and romantic lyricism.

Overall, Lil Skies pitches a peaceful façade against a profundity of feeling that often threatens to erupt. His attempt to channel the repressed and often extreme emotions of the past 12 months makes Unbothered sound more symbolic than his previous work. His album consists of many relatable issues but still sheds light on optimism and being hopeful during the present times: making this one of his most personal albums to date.