Toosii – Thank You For Believing (The Manifestation)

17 August 2021 / by Anna Petridis
Album reviews
Toosii Thank You For Believing (The Manifestation)
Released: July 30, 2021
Label: South Coast Music Group/Capitol Records
Black Kray / Lancey foux / Tootie Raww
5’5, f*** marry kill, windows down

Toosii has improved in the rap game over the past year. From songs like ‘Met in LA’ and ‘Walking Again’ to ‘greater storm’ and his most recent single ‘head over hills,’ his flow brings each song to life. As a whole, his album Thank You For Believing (The Manifestation) clearly shows how talented Toosii is. In ‘what it cost,’  he raps about his personal life – “Paranoid, I got PTSD – I came from rags to riches, I ain’t tryna go back to the rags.” He depicts a more intimate side in tracks like ‘5’5’ featuring Latto and ‘back together’ on this album as well. 


Although the songs on Thank You For Believing (The Manifestation) all have a sick beat and strong bass, most of the songs do sound similar to each other as well as previous singles Toosii has released. The track ‘icky vicky’ has a cheesy chorus and at times almost sounds off beat when the backtrack stops and the vocals are still playing. “Hey Vicky, you so so icky just the thought of being ‘round you make me so damn sticky, uh – Hey Vicky, you so so icky just the thought of being ‘round you make a grown man cry” doesn’t sound mature. When listening to the song, the chorus has a childish rhythm and Toosii could have done better with the overall production of the track.


On the other hand, Toosii expresses a lot of his backstory in these songs, which brings value to the full album itself. In ‘red die,’ he says “Look what I did for this city, I put ice in my mouth so I can finally have a smile that was pretty.” This reflects on an insecurity that he has and he pours his emotions into this song which is an effective way of storytelling and can help listeners relate to him. The sound of the guitar and piano in the beginning of the song blend with the calmness of Toosii’s voice and lead into the beat of the rest of the track. 


Toosii samples “Caramel” by City High in the beginning of “5’5” on Thank You For Believing (The Manifestation) and this is an interesting intro as it transitions smoothly into the song. It also mentions “5’5 with brown eyes” and Toosii raps “5’5 and she too fine, I got options but baby you mine,” geared towards his girlfriend. This type of intro is something that is done in many rap and hip hop songs and sometimes it has nothing to do with the song itself, but in Toosii’s case, the segment of “Caramel” that was included connected well within the tune. 


Thank You For Believing (The Manifestation) is a mixture of repetitive and overrated rhythm, along with songs that you want to blast in your car with the windows down. Toosii shows true feelings in all of his songs and that is the main feature that gives his music the ability to rise to the top.