17 December 2020 / by Allison Baldwin
Something to Feel Good About - Will Joseph Cook album cover
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Will Joseph Cook Something to Feel Good About
Released: September 22, 2020
Label: Bad Hotel
Indie Pop / Pop
Coin / Declan McKenna / Easy Life
Be Around Me, Something To Feel Good About, 10X More Fun, DOWNDOWNDOWN!

Three years have passed since the debut of Sweet Dreamer, an album that established Will Joseph Cook as a teenage indie-pop phenomenon. Filled with pop bangers worthy of a teenager’s summer soundtrack, he’s back with Something To Feel Good About, an album portraying the realities and emotions of growing up.

The title of Cook’s second album couldn’t be more appropriate – not just because of the catastrophic year 2020 has been – but because the album is jam-packed with feel-good tunes. While his new melodies continue to stick with his iconic mellow and summery vibe, the lyrics behind his songs express an additional level of realness. Cook uncovers the trials and tribulations he faced in his early 20s – initially having the world at his feet at such a young age – we are now presented with a young man who is daunted by existential thoughts and worries.

That said, the album possesses a theme of weighing optimism and pessimism. Presented with an unhindered split of the 12 tracks, Cook starts off the album with exuberance through the TikTok hit ‘Be Around Me’ and continuing with his title track displaying a cheerful sway.

However, the latter half of the album radiates a conflicting energy – one that focuses on reflection, with ‘DOWNDOWNDOWN!’ revealing how one deals with heartbreak and the agony of moving on. All too much of the emotion lies within the track ‘21,’ a song that describes the pressures of being a young adult and admitting that despite his outward appearance, he is confused about his life.

Cook has definitely grown up since his debut, and yet with the British singer still trying to work stuff out, he continues to release addictive indie-pop bops we’ve come to know and love. But by delving into more serious themes in his latest work he presents a more rounded artist with an undeniable talent for music; creating a sweet pop album while still displaying his heavy emotions.

Cook is wading his way through life while battling the emotions that come with said process. By intertwining meaningful emotion and his penchant for comforting melodies Something To Feel Good About Cook vividly captures what it is like to be young and confused.