ZAYN – Nobody is Listening | Poptimist

2 February 2021 / by Anna Petridis

There are two sides to ZAYN and ZAYN fandom. One sees the growth he’s made from his days in One Direction and the other sees him as a standalone adrift the masses. Luckily CJRU has the scope to see both in tandem. To read the cynic review of ZAYN’s Nobody is Listening Click here.

Zayn Malik has shown an amazing depiction of progress throughout his music over the past couple of years. From his first album Mind of Mine to his second Icarus Falls, he displays pure emotion into his songs and the pop culture of music. ZAYN has perfected his falsetto to sink into every bar of his songs. His most recent album Nobody Is Listening displays raw vocals and his new pitch reveals a melody to your ears. 

Nobody Is Listening starts off with ‘Calamity‘. ZAYN raps for the first minute to a slow beat and then goes into soulful vocals that echo as he sings the lyrics, “Nobody is listening, nobody is listening to me.” ZAYN’s messages in his songs have escalated from his first album where the first song ‘Mind of Mindd (intro)‘, has steady drums yet still contains a soft, heartfelt feeling as Mailk sings, “Open up and see what’s inside of my mind” – it’s almost as if nobody is listening to him- relating to his newest album title.

Since One Direction, Malik has continuously rocked the music industry with his shocking vocals, well-known high notes, and bold sound. Nobody Is Listening provides a variety of falsettos and an outstanding example of this is in ‘Outside‘. In the chorus, ZAYN effortlessly hits the high notes softly and effectively to produce a heavenly sound that brings soul and refined energy to the overall melody. The high belts are also articulated in ‘Unfuckwitable‘ with a snapping sound in the track intertwining along with Malik’s vocals then he sings in a lower tone near the end – bringing a soothing R&B vibe to the track. 

ZAYN has a love for love and this can be heard through ‘Sweat‘ as he sings into the chorus with soul and mini belts that bring goosebumps. The hard beat of the drums and treble tone of the guitar bring life to the song and compliment Malik’s voice. Overall the tone, solid vocals, and diversity of sound in Nobody Is Listening brings a unique identity to Zayn Malik that everyone can adore.